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How can Functional Medicine help us in our day to day life?

🌟 We’re not told that the right foods – veggies, some fruits, nuts, seeds, quality animal proteins, good fats such as olive & coconut oils, can be health giving & act as medicine in their own right;

- Too many ‘foods’ contain harmful chemicals and toxins. If we don’t eat animal products we can lack certain crucial vitamins & minerals that our body needs to thrive. That if we eat too much sugar our body has no other option than to deposit it into our fat cells & our organs as fat.

🌟 It is vitally important to have moments of calm throughout the day, both body and mind. BUT;

- If we exercise too hard, particularly if we are stressed, we won’t lose weight and will likely gain weight (WtF?)

- Our blood sugar (and pressure) rises in response to too much cortisol and adrenaline in our system

🌟 We must only put products on our skin, that we would put in our mouths. BECAUSE;

- Our skin is like one big mouth and it absorbs what is slathered on to it, creams, gels, powders and oils that add to our inner toxic burden.

🌟 It is important to drink pure clean filtered water. BECAUSE;

- If we don’t drink enough clean filtered water our organs, hormones and systems will suffer.

🌟 Give sleep priority, at least an hour before midnight and for as long as we need to after:

- Sleep is not overrated, this is when our brain, organs and cells have a chance to clear out any debris and to re set and this is a foundational principal for longevity and vitality

How do I know?

Having been chronically fatigued, stressed, traumatised, bloated and unable to lose weight, I came across Functional medicine. Wanting to know more I started my training, which to date I have probably spent more than £10k on my training as a functional health coach and practitioner – which incidentally, I believe to be the best investment I have ever made.

Functional Health professionals are taught what happens to us, down to cellular level, if we lead our lives overburdened with toxins, stressed, sleep deprived, existing on nutritionally poor diets, lacking connection, purpose and joy

We are taught way more than can be put down in a few paragraphs.....

BUT what we are taught is the empowering truth that there is so much we can do and we CAN take control of our own health, we just need to know how to!

This is where the principles functional health shine

and when applied,

the miraculous can happen!

Disease does NOT have to be our fate....we have a choice, disease does not just happen to us, it is not because we are unlucky, because of our genetics or because something has to get us.

Disease happens because

- We are not designed to be stressed, toxic, inflamed, sleep deprived, eating foods that our body does not recognise as food, drinking too much, on multiple medications, having daily negative thought patterns, under exercised, over exercised & yet expect to:

- Thrive, grow, reproduce, eat whatever we want to, be healthy, strong, have perfect bowel movements, a great sex life AND SOME

And yet, this is what so many of us are doing, until we realise we have choice and this is a life changing light bulb moment, as it was for me.


  • Be more mindful about what we are eating

  • Hydrate – between meals, not just before, during or just after

  • Move and find ourselves in nature as much as we can

  • Create a routine for great sleep

  • Eat as much as we like of clean foods that we enjoy and leave us feeling satiated

  • Treat ourselves and nourish ourselves - often

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